Four Pound Hair Ball Removed From Teenage Girl’s Stomach

Four Pound Hair Ball Removed From Teenage Girl’s Stomach

Hair, it can get stuck in the human body! Two examples written down below. One recently happened in India.

Hard to believe but a girl from India (Indore) had a hair ball off 4 pounds in her stomach! The girl is a teenager and is 19 years old. While she ate snacks she experienced a weird taste and in the end it came back to hunt her. She could not eat for a few days and she went to the hospital to the maharaja yeshwantrao Hospital in Indore last month complaining.

After examinating this girl they found out she had nearly four pounds hair ball in her stomach. The hair ball was stuck between the stomach and small intestine. After evaluation with the girl about how this could happen they found out why the hair ball was stuck in her stomach.

The girl has a nasty habit of eating and chewing her hair while she sits in the class. It is huge. Another case of a huge hair ball in a human body was recorded in Chicago also a teenager in 2007. This teenager had a hair ball of 10 pounds and measured 15 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches!

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